Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sister Love

Sleepy Girl

Sunday, October 19, 2008

She's a Sucker

Jazzie got the hang of her nuk last night! We had been trying a different kind, and she gagged every time. So I brought out our supply of pacifiers, and popped one in after another. She took to this one right away. Yay!

Happy baby, happy mama

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Days at Home

Swing time

Beautiful eyes

Sleeping beauty

First smiles...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Birth Story

I cannot even begin to believe how much different this birth story is from the last. Everything, from the moment the first labor pain struck, to the moment I held my precious new girl in my arms, went far better than I could have ever hoped for. Here's the story...

Tuesday, October 7th, I woke up, hopeful. I had several strong contractions during the night, and I hoped they would continue. But, once again, they stopped completely the moment I got up. I was dismayed, but had to keep going. So Jared and I went about our day as normal. We packed up Sophie after breakfast, and headed out to run some errands. By 11:30, I started feeling very crampy. Before long, I realized that the cramps were actually painful contractions! They were about 7 minutes apart, and getting closer. I knew by noon that this was it!

After four hours of laboring at home, my parents came to stay with Sophie, and we left for the hospital. When we arrived at 4:30pm, I was dilated to 5cm, 80% effaced and -1 station. My water had not broken yet. They hooked me up to an IV for my dose of penicillin (for the GBS). As I sat there, the contractions slowly increased in strength. I had my disc-man, and when each contraction came on, I cranked Chris Tomlin. With the words of those songs filling my head so loudly, it was easier to keep my mind off the pain. I thought about the words, and let myself be immersed in them.

Me and Chris T.
At 6pm, the midwife broke my water. Almost immediately, I reached transition, the most painful part of the whole day. I got in the waterbirth tub by 6:30, still cranking Chris with each labor pain. By 7:25, I started to push with all my strength. At 7:36pm, Jazlyn entered the world. Jared checked right away, and announced that we had another little girl!

Jazlyn Lucia, 3 minutes old

First glimpses of Mama

First moments with Mama

With Mommy and Daddy

First moments with Daddy
Melissa Hasler, our midwife (who also delivered Sophia!!!)
All wrapped up and warm
Sophia meeting her baby sister, and giving her kisses
Our family four

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

Welcome to the world,
Jazlyn Lucia Nourse!!!
Born on October 7, 2008
at 7:37 pm
Weighing 7lbs, 7oz
Measuring 20.25"

We have been waiting and waiting for you!

You are very loved, sweet girl.
*Photos of the sisters coming soon!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

38 Week Check-Up

Here are the exciting stats from my 38 week check-up today!

BP: 98/62
WG: 1/2 lb.
Fetal HR: 140 bpm
Fundal Height: 38 cm
Dilated: 3cm
Effaced: 60-75%
Station: -1

They said I'm a labor waiting to happen! Woot! Woot!