Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sugar Overload

A strange phenomenon has occurred this week.

Like I mentioned previously, sweets have taken the back burner when it comes to my recent cravings. Salty wins almost every time these days. However, I have apparently been in the mood to make sweets, just not eat them. A few days ago, I whipped up some dessert to bring to a friend's house, but was not satisfied with it when it was finished. So I ran to the store and bought a cake mix. Well, the cake never got made that night. So the following day I made it for us. Yesterday morning I rose at 5:45am to begin the 3 hour process of making homemade cinnamon rolls (which taste EXACTLY like Cinnabons, thank-you-very-much!). When I was finished, I turned and stared at the counter. A smile grew on my face as I said, "Hee hee. Sorry Jared, I guess I will stop making sweets for awhile." He laughed out loud and nodded his head.

My eyes were resting on a full pan of brownies, 3/4 of an angel food cake, a small pan of almond joy bars, and a tray of 8 remaining cinnamon rolls.

Anyone want some dessert? Come on over.


carrie said...

is the picture your sweet rolls-those look good

erin said...

Bring over those rolls!

Cara said...

If Jared puts on a few extra pregnancy pounds, we will know why!!!

Kara Jo said...

You're amazing!

kristi noser said...

I've never made cinnamon rolls--we could have a lesson-exchange!