Friday, May 9, 2008

(17 Weeks) 20 Weeks: Banana

I know I am day late in writing this update, but somehow I don't feel as motivated knowing that I may be writing this same post again in 3 weeks. Being 17 weeks pregnant right now would explain a few things though, such as: Why am I way smaller now than I was at 20 weeks last time? You are supposed to show faster the second time around, not slower. Also, I was confused as to why I hadn't felt Poppy moving much yet. Last time I felt Sophia by 19 weeks, and supposedly you feel the second baby faster. Not so though. If I am only 17 weeks however, I am feeling baby two weeks faster.

I took the calendar out today and tried to figure things out. Jared and I had pinned January 10th as the date of conception (Happy Birthday Andy and Ben!). I counted backwards 17 weeks from Tuesday, and landed on January 8th. So that makes perfect sense. The only part that puzzles me is that I would have gotten pregnant on Day 21 of my cycle, which is very late. I know that my last period was December 20th, and according to the due date calculators, it still comes up with September 25th as a due date.

All this to say, I am sure that I am only 17 weeks pregnant. Somehow, because it I got pregnant so late in my cycle, it is screwing up the due date calculator. So I am guessing my new due date will be October 14th. Like I said, I will keep you posted.

I feel Poppy moving around every day now! I have only felt a few gentle kicks so far, but lots of wiggles. I have started getting a similar ache in my foot as I did last year. I am sure a foot rub from the huz will remedy that;)

Belly pictures will be posted later. I plan on taking them tonight. Like I said, I haven't felt as motivated knowing that everything I have posted thus far may be rendered inaccurate.


Kara Jo said...

Trying to follow all of the date factoring. What about the fact that once you conceive, you are technically already 2 weeks along in the pregnancy?

Naomi said...

Oh my gosh Kara Jo, you are totally right! I forgot about that! There is still hope that I may be at least 19 weeks! I am sooooooo confused.

Cara said...

Ultrasounds are only "perfectly" accurate very early on..... I had two ultrasounds with Emma, and the first one, when I was only a few weeks pregnant, was much more accurate on determining the due date than the 20-week one, which was way off ultimately. Don't always rely on those things unless it is REALLY early on..... The most accurate method of determining dates is your cycle and sex calendar!!!

Kara Jo said...

My doctor had said the same thing Cara's saying. (He said at a 20 week ultrasound, the due date could be off by plus or minus 9 days!) So yes, there's still hope. :)

Hey, Jared probably already gave you the message, but wanted you to know there's a baby gift for Sophia at church in the Ministry Du Jour booth. I was going for the record for world's latest baby gift. :)

Naomi said...

Thanks Kara Jo! I will pick it up next time we're at church! We always love presents, no matter how late they are;)