Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Meet Poppy!

We had our "20-week" ultrasound this morning! It was amazing as always. We invited our parents, and my sister to come witness the grand event. It was fun having everyone in the room with us, marveling at the miracle within.
Poppy looks healthy and beautiful! However, we did have one huge surprise: the ultrasound put my due date at October 14th, which would mean I am only 17 weeks, 1 day pregnant (which I cannot work out in my mind at all). That means I have to rewind and relive the past three weeks of pregnancy again. This was quite a big disappointment to me. Then over our breakfast date, Jared gently reminded me of the amazing miracle I get to experience carrying a child. He pointed out that he would never get to feel a baby kick and grow inside him, and that I need to remember how incredibly special the gift of pregnancy is. I am so grateful to have a husband to help me adjust my perspective.
My due date has not officially changed yet. For now I will continue with my updates as normal. At my appointment next week, the midwife will decide if we should change the date or not. I will keep you posted.
Poppy's foot, toes pointing north-west
Poppy's hand
Poppy's profile, very similar to Sophia's in-utero


Cara said...

Beautiful! Life is absolutely amazing. Here's to hoping you don't have to rewind three weeks.....

Jodi said...

Congratulations! It's great that you are one of the rare people that realize what a great thing you have in your loving husband.

erin said...

What a beautiful baby!
Hey--there's one thing that you can be happy about. If you have to change your date, at least your children will FOR SURE be one year apart.
Always looking for the silver lining...
Also, that's THREE MORE WEEKS you get to spend with Sophia!

Katie R. said...


Kara Jo said...

Love seeing pictures of little Poppy--and how cool that you invited the Grandparents in for a peek, too!