Thursday, March 13, 2008

(9 Weeks) 12 Weeks: Lime

Poppy's biggest development this week is reflexes. Baby will be able to wiggle fingers and toes. Sucking motions will start now too. If mommy's abdomen is prodded, baby will squirm in response. Poppy is just over 2 inches from head to butt now. (

As for me this week... I have been sick as a dog-- but not from the pregnancy. Jared brought home some horrible form of influenza and we were both pitiful invalids all week. We finally went to the doctor after being sick for four days, and got some medication. Unfortunately, this medication had no pain reliever in it, and I was not allowed to take Tylenol as it can interfere with the prescription. So I had one horrible night, but by the following day I was feeling much better. I have just about made a full recovery at this point. Praise the Lord!

My stomach has been fairly sensitive lately. I can never predict was is going to send me into a fit of overwhelming naseau. Tonight, for example, I made parmesan red potatoes thinking they sounded good with meatballs! Um, wrong. One bite of potatoes later, my stomach was in upheaval and my bowl was handed imediately to Jared. Ah, the joys of pregnancy. This is really the only "symptom" I have had this week. I feel really great in all other areas.

Just starting to get a little fuller in the waist now. My pants are fitting a little tighter and I can see my belly beginning to show a little, though I'm not sure anyone else would notice yet.

Favorite pregnancy treat this week: Creamy Coconut Fruit Bars from Edy's (OH MY GOSH, to die for!!)


erin said...

You're the only person who can tell that you're "showing," I promise.

Naomi said...

You're just saying that because you have a watermelon. My lime seems like nothing to you.

Cara said...

Maybe your food aversions are slightly amplified due to the antibiotic you are taking??? Let's hope, but rest assured, the icky food stage will be over soon! Hang in there!