Friday, March 14, 2008

Crazy Cravings

As I was telling my family this week, my pregnancy symptoms have really been magnified this time around. I have been feeling a lot more queasy and have a very sensitive nose.

But now let's talk about the cravings...

EVERY SINGLE DAY I see some certain food on TV that strikes my fancy, and then cannot get it out of my head until I have some. Last night, I was watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" and saw a disgusting, lopsided white-frosted cake. That was enough to trigger my erratic hormones, and suddenly I needed to have some gooey, chocolate cake. Weird thing? I normally hate cake, AND it was 10:30pm. But, if I do not take action and eat whatever I am craving, I cannot stop thinking about it. I have tried to ignore these stupid cravings before, but then they just bounce around in my head all day until I go crazy. So now, I just try to find a way to get my hands on whatever crazy craving I am having asap.
So last night I set to work on my fudgy chocolate cake and finished it around 11:45pm. I was so eager to dig in that I didn't wait long enough before frosting it and the frosting melted a little. No problem! I enjoyed a big plateful of warm, drippy, gooey chocolate decadance. It was fabulous. Then the cake when in the fridge to harden up a little. Yum!


Kara Jo said...

Sounds good to me.