Thursday, September 4, 2008

34 Week Check-up

We had our 34 week check up this morning. All is well.

BP: 102/62
W.G.: 3 lbs.
Fundal Height: 33cm
Heart Rate: 143 bpm

The thought struck me the other day that I am still breastfeeding, and what am I going to do during labor and ready to explode? So I asked my midwife today, and she said that I should just plan on pumping during labor, if needed, and that oftentimes that will help stimulate more contractions. No biggie. Ah, good.

We have been having some trouble with finding the perfect name for a girl. We have our boy name chosen, but have been struggling a little with the girl's name. Choosing a name for our baby is extremely important to me, and not something I take lightly. Time is running out, and it has really been bothering me, so I am off scour the name book once again (just like every night)! It may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but I would really appreciate any prayers that God would show us that perfect name reserved for our girl, should we have another daughter. (Isn't it neat to think that God already knows the name of our baby, even though we don't yet!?)


Megan said...

I just can't even believe you're SO close to being done with being preggers for a while! Can't wait to meet poppy!

Anonymous said...

Maybe.....JUST MAYBE

This is God's way of telling you that this little Poppy is going to be a boy????

erin said...

I will pray for you--and it's NOT silly. Naming is very hard and important.
BUT, I have to say I'm with Anon up there. It's a boy.

Kara Jo said...

I will pray that God gives you peace. I get that name stress, too. I like to have it settled.
Hey, you probably know this, but since you're still breastfeeding, you shouldn't have to go through engorgement this time. Woo-hoo!!!

Naomi said...

KJ- Really?! I didn't know that! I just figured I WOULD go through engorgement again. That makes me happy! Thanks!

erin said...

Now, THAT'S something to look forward to. Lucky.