Monday, September 1, 2008


I am cranky today. I mean cranky.

I suppose that is normal in the last month, right?

And after a horrible night's sleep, right?

And after reaching for the toilet paper when I finished my business, and finding out there is none in the house, right?

And after pouring my bowl of breakfast cereal, which is the ONLY thing that sounds palpable, and finding there is no milk left, right?

And after spending the morning trying to squeeze my mammoth belly into the tapered-ceiling-cubby-hole-closet p-a-c-k-e-d with miscellaneous boxes of baby items, in search of anything we will need for Poppy, right?

And after listening to Sophia spend a full hour screaming herself to sleep while I was trying to squeeze my mammoth belly into the tapered-ceiling-cubby-hole closet, right?

This is normal, right?


kristi noser said...

Honey, after reading that I'M cranky and I'm not even pregnant. With that day you are allowed some crankyness!

erin said...

I'm cranky, too. I hope your making us cranky has alleviated some of your crankiness.
You are doing a good job--hang in there, friend.

Cara said...

Hormones..... Dang it. Hope the next day was better!

Kara Jo said...

So normal. And justified. I'm laughing now, because I read your most recent post before this one. I still think you've had a great attitude. You're certainly allowed some cranky days!

Megan said...

OHHH Nae, Nae! Wish I could have helped you seach for things so you didn't have to squeeze the mammoth belly into tight spaces! Wish I could rub it for you :) LOVE YOU!